Newborn Photography Safety - is it on your radar??

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Hey Stranger, can you hold my baby a sec?

Don't worry about a baby capsule, just lie him on the back seat...

Hi Nanna, not up to date with your Whooping Cough Vaccine?? No worries, give her a cuddle...

ahhh, you don't need to strap the baby into a bouncer...




And yet; everyday, expectant and new parents are selecting newborn photographers to capture their fragile little humans in the earliest, most susceptible days,  privileged to be given intimate access before other family members without knowing the credentials of the photographer.

When considering newborn photographers, I am sure there is a lot of thought that goes into the process, such as

  • a tasty portfolio of cute & squishy newborns
  • the photographers style
  • the photographers location
  • the photographers price
  • recommendations from friends & family

Does a babies safety come into the decision making process? 

Leading the way

Thankfully, for Australia at least, the AIPP will be realising by 2020 a set of minimum standards for newborn photographers. Every industry producing products for newborns, whether it's clothing, toys, feeding, has a regulatory body overseeing the standards to which the products are produced. The same cannot be said for newborn photographers and yet, parents may not consider this in the selection process.

Whilst this is not a mandatory requirement, it's a start and now is the time to create awareness to future parents that these standards will exist and should absolutely be top of the list in consideration when selecting their newborn photographer.

Hands off!

Babies are at risk of injury and even death in the event a baby is not supported correctly during a photography shoot, some photographers choose to risk poses that can put pressure on hips causing dislocation, on delicate spines and compromising airways, and for what? a Cute shot....oh please....

I've had 3 children, I know that prior to having my babies, I had no idea how to handle a newborn, sure I had handled other babies, but never as fresh and tiny as my little 2.5kg babies. I do know that no parents wants to put their child at risk and yet so much trust is given to us when a new parent hands over their 11 day old baby.

Looking for the best deal??

When I have spots available, I'll take a look on Airtasker to see if anyone needs Newborn Photography, I have been horrified by some of the submissions made by other 'photographers' who claim to be newborn photographers, a baby splayed on it's back in a fruit basket clearly too small to hold the baby really shocked me, what's even more shocking, are the price expectations the new parents are willing to stoop with budgets under $200 in order to get these cherished newborn photos and at the risk of handing over their newborn human to a complete novice. I know that budgets can be tight when babies are born, but price should really be the last consideration and yet, time and time again, I see on Airtasker so many new parents choosing the cheapest bid, I am at a loss for words...

Educate Thyself...

Its' important to me as a photographer to continue to learn and improve, educate myself, I have enrolled in further learning offered by the Academy of Newborn Photography and once qualified, I will proudly be certified having completed studies in Neonatal care & handling, Perinatal environment - considering parent needs, birth injuries & common health problems, physiology of newborns, Work safety & health as well as Infant CPR and First Aid Accreditation.

Attaining this certification will provide my clients with further comfort in knowing that I have undertaken the studies, I have the necessary baby handling skills, before I even touch my camera.

Final thoughts...

So, before considering your newborn photographer, do me a favour, put your babies safety top of your list.

Meeky out


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