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After finishing a 2 week session at a mahooooosive day care centre with 170 enrolled children and approx 25 sibling sets, I had over 15,000 photos to sort through, this included photographs of the centre, staff and of course the children!

The centre has outstanding facilities and staff were just amazing, considering the number of children, this ship is well run, surprisingly quiet and the kids are clearly thriving in the environments & activities the educators create.

Designers Room: Everyone in this room was so eager to show me their climbing ability on the yellow frame. Gus made a fab robot when he put the cardboard tubes on his arms, he so animated! I managed to convince Raphy that the Mona Lisa picture on the wall was my mum and then he told me he saw a huge spider with big ears!!! Every time I sat on the floor Phoenix was sure to dive into my lap or bear hug my back or leg, she also learnt how to take photos with my camera which made her so proud to see the pictures of her friends & educators that she took. Alex shared his love of dinosaurs with me and subsequently continued to roar at me most of the time :) I took a dive into Willa's 'swimming pool' eyes, WOW and those eyelashes! I taught Finnegan, Charlotte, Gus & Claire how to wrap their baby dolls to keep them warm on the colder days.

Inventors Room: Hospitality was my experience in this room, Marcus made me a lovely cup of coffee and some bacon and Eggs, Zain was quite the entertainer and I enjoyed various (sand) cakes made by Charlotte, Evie & Amaya. There was lots of dancing, balancing on the beam and jumping on the stepping stones and how can I forget to mention the numerous boat rides to Coles with Lincoln, Hamish, Alexander & Kyle.

Pre-Kinder: Such a busy space with so many activities and growing personalities, what I enjoyed the most was how much outdoor space there was and how much time they spent out there. Jumping was certainly a winner here with everyone wanting to show me either how far, or how high they could jump off the balance bar, one day we found a big pile of leaves and had great fun throwing the leaves in the morning sunshine, another day we went on an expedition searching for lions, all of us roared, Kirren & Vivaan put the most Oomph into their roars!

Discoverers Room: Winter + babies = :( !! Lots of illness kept some babies home so my time with some was fairly limited, but the reverse of that meant that I got to know some babies very well. Kristen made herself at home on my lap every time I sat on the floor, she's a very cuddly girl. Marley-Mae sparkled her smiles at me with those big beautiful eyes. Isla crushed me with her sheer cuteness and bless little Bowie who was never impressed by my appearance, still I got some crackers of him!

Explorers Room: Where do I start?.... Yug, the piano man, boy he loves a tinkle on the ivory's! Benjamin who can turn the iciest heart to mush with his smiles, Abigails Eyes!!! Bowie and Goldie were champions at pushing their chairs around the room and the twins with their very different personalities.

Examiners Room: Ali was always so happy to see me, with big smiles and hugs around the leg, Maceo couldn't wait for his sibling photo to be done. Kit would tackle my legs with bear hugs and was another one that liked to sit in my lap as I took photos of others. Coen and I gave each other a million and 1 high fives and Noah is really committed to those big yellow trucks, it was the first thing he went for every time we went outside.

Invesitigators Room: This bunch, they were so active it was hard to keep up with them! Rachel made it her life mission to hide from me, she thought it was so funny, but on my last day she came through and showed me how great at balancing she is!! Charlotte showed me her culinary skills in the investigator kitchen, she had many many hugs and was always smiling. Connor and I played a bit of football(UK) and Maximus and I did a duet of "let it go" in the back garden.

Kinder 1 & 2: As soon as I walked into the Kinder rooms, I was hit with the amazing vibe both rooms have, such an inspiring space and you can see the kids all feel so comfortable in it. Such an amazing space for creating, inventing and exploring.

I really enjoyed watching the games of footy, William has got some real talent and bless him, such a gentleman asking if I was cold once day when I wasn't wearing a jacket, the irony of his concern was that he was in shorts! The cubby house made an awesome stage on which Kaya, Rumen and Nash showed me their amazing robot dance skills, Oska attempted a caterpillar, he said it didn't hurt, but I wasn't overly convinced!

Celia & Aislinn were always jumping off things "flying"they told me, I took photo's of their eyes and then showed them the zoomed in version of their eyes and just how amazing eyes are.

Dear Rose, such a creative soul, she was always at the table making something, she gave me a beautiful little puppet that she made which is now stuck on my studio wall.

Almost every kid wanted to show me their jumping abilities off the amazing wooden balance beam, of course they all got pretty competitive with each other too, much fun was had which you will get to see in the photos. There are so many more wonderful moments I managed to capture for you to keep as memories of your child in their last year of daycare, big things are happening for these kids in the new year, I am sure some of you have been through it before with older children, but for those of you who will experience becoming a 'school kid parent', buckle up, it's a wild ride!!

Meeky out!


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