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July 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Going from such a big centre recently, to a much lower in number was quite refreshing, don't get me wrong, each are just wonderful, but this experience was very different.

It was just a pleasure to spend time observing the children go about their morning cycle, taking part in there individual activities, I watched until they were nicely preoccupied with their own curiosity to start capture their imaginations.

I was welcomed by the children, once they got their ‘why are you taking photo’s?” out of their system it was business as usual, I watched on as Kairi showed impressive Math understanding using number cards of Units, Tens, Hundreds & Thousands. Lawrence used great concentration and determination in putting his puzzles together. 

Gabrielle was very precise with her fruit threading task and Molly simply amazed me with her colourful drawings of rainbow flowers.

It was outside when personalities truly emerged, I was shown Lola’s extremely bouncy abilities, she also made an impressive feast of tan bark and sand for her friends. Flynn was quite passionate when it came to raking!

Back inside, Joshua made me laugh as I watched him explore with a blindfold, his integrity was admirable, he only peaked a couple of times!

Iris was quite pleased with herself in placing the order of a seedling to plant together, she really worked through it and problem solved and was great to see her sense of achievement upon completion.

Austin showed me his ambidexterity in drawing with using 2 pencils at once and why not!?

We had surprisingly nice weather towards the end of the week making outside time a little less chilly, it wasn’t long before I was roped into playing a game of hide & seek, however it was a little too easy to find me as hiding places for someone my size were few and far between, not to mention that I had Joash, Kaito & Joshua trying to squeeze under the slide with me. It made it very easy for Malcolm, Christopher and Lola to find us! However Kairi was very quick to clarify that it was my loud footsteps that gave me up!! :) 

The week ended beautifully with Lucas and Estelle watching Rainbow Lorikeets tweeting away in a nearby tree in the afternoon sunshine.

As always dear parents, I thank you in advance, I do hope you enjoy the photographs I captured of your children. May you enjoy these images for years to come and may your children be suitably mortified by them when you show them on their 21st birthday slideshow!

Meeky Out



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