Beez to the Honey

July 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I have to say these kids were just wonderful, so active and outgoing, here’s a bit of what I got up to with this centres kids.

The excitement began with a disco straight after breakfast, I found everyone in the kinder room bouncing around and singing to the music having a jolly old time, then the real adventures began when we all popped on our jackets to enjoy the morning sunshine. 

Through the coarse of my time at this centre, I helped to build the tallest tower ever, I watched as Toddlers painted with spices and sailed in cardboard boxes, Alma shared her crackers with me, I also played shop with Tarana, Kaylee & Kashvi, they made me purchase so much fruit my tummy burst, very good sales people! Sam and Zoe roared like dinosaurs and were very convincing.

With the Pre-Kinders I played 'sick patient' whilst my many ‘mini doctors’ listened to my heart beat, looked into my ears and made me say Aaggghh...

We then all jumped into the boat outside and headed to the shops(as you do), Coles seemed to be the favourite destination! Owen kept running up for cuddles and latched himself to my leg several times. We also played spies by peaking through little knot holes in the fence, although not everyone was tall enough to reach the holes!

Back with the Kinder's, who kept me nicely puffed out, I was shown just how active these kids can be, I was left running around trying to catch action shots of these giggly little monsters, some of them true escape artists! However, all the Kinder boys were more than willing to showcase their ability to RUN fast, JUMP high and STOMP about like dinosaurs.

With the Kinder girls, I went on an expedition with Nicola and Prishaa to find those little curly centipedes, we turned over the stepping stones and looked under rocks, carefully placed them in plant pots and gave them berries to eat. A bunch of us sat around the camp fire and practised animal sounds, you know, cat goes Mooo and dogs go quack and all that jazz although the kids just kept getting them wrong for some reason!!???

With the babies, I was monitored by many of your babies as they tried to suss me out, getting the occasional smile, I succumbed to Charlies beautiful smiles and dived into Hazels beautiful “swimming pool’ eyes. Odin plonked himself on my lap every time I sat down and Alexander showed me his vocal skills outside shouting Mmmuuuuuuummmmmyyyyyy…..(I am sure you know how this sounds mum & dad)

Needless to say, I had a great time engaging with the wonderful children and staff at this particular centre, I captured as many amazing moments as I could for you and I hope that from this, you will take some of these images away as a memento of your gorgeous child and their wonderful personalities at this age.

Meeky Out!


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